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Making Vizag a dream tourist destination


The other day my neighbour Ram dropped in for tea and as happens quite often nowadays, the discussions meandered to the subject of tourism. As we know, Vizag has the largest number of experts on tourism and I was not to be left behind. He bit into a crisp vegetable puff, brushed away the crumbs from his shirt, and asked: “If you were coming to Vizag on a short vacation, how would you imagine an ideal holiday here?” I examined the bottom of my empty tea cup thoughtfully and started narrating my ideal Vizag holiday experience.

I heard Vizag has improved dramatically for the tourist and decide to take a short holiday there with my wife. We fly into Vizag on a crisp October morning. As we look out of the aircraft window, we marvel at how clean the port area looks; no more black and brown shades of coal and iron ore dust. On landing, we walk through a bright aerobridge into a modern climate controlled airport. A tourism employee is stocking a display stand with tourism brochures; we stop to pick up a few.

Full report here Times of India


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