Making relief part of the itinerary

While travel for most folks might mean some sightseeing, gorging on exotic food, experiencing foreign cultures, shopping and clicking pictures, there’s also a small, growing band of hardcore travellers, or more specifically backpackers who add a purpose to their trips, like travel writer and author of Almost Intrepid Anjaly Thomas. When City Express caught up with her, she was just back from a satisfying “relief” travel trip to Kenya. Over to Anjaly for her inspiring travel tales.

Going on relief-travel
Travel usually means unwinding and having fun, but relief-travel is mixing the pleasures of travel with a social cause. It is about how you can support a community in the country you are travelling in, especially in a developing one. In this context, relief isn’t about pledging your yearly salary or endless time, it means doing whatever little you can wholeheartedly. It means donating essential items, medicines or even giving away whatever little you can afford to spare to the people in your destination country. My trip to Kenya was one such trip – driven by the sole purpose to be, even in a small way, a part of the helping community that cares for the unfortunate among the local population.

Full report here New Indian Express


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