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Magical Goa wooing Kochiites

When Goan crooner Kevin Xavier began singing at a hotel in Kochi, a majority of the audience got up and drifted to the bar at the back of the hall. But that did not discourage Kevin one bit. He jumped down from the stage and went to the back and did his show – a mix of Konkani, classical Hindi and English songs.

The people showed their appreciation by smiling and clapping, even as the liquor went down appreciative throats. Kevin, wearing a colourful shirt, and a black cap, represents the carefree and fun-loving nature of Goans, who like to party every night.

Then there was the Corridinho folk dance, which is of Portuguese origin. The women wore colourful skirts and scarves, and the men were in black tuxedos and hats. There was a beautiful forward and backward movement, with dancers holding hands behind backs.

Full report here New Indian Express


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