Medical Tourism

Ludhiana emerging as medical tourism hub

Ludhiana has emerged as a fast growing destination of medical tourism for Non Resident Indians (NRIs) from Punjab, who are visiting city hospitals or nurshing homes/clinics for cheaper medical treatment as compared to the country they are living in. Every year a large number of NRIs flock to the city to get benefit of cheaper medical treatment. Besides dental treatment, many of them prefer to get their surgeries for various diseases conduct here too.

According to city doctors, they provide treatment of various diseases to patients using the same technologies as have been used abroad, but around eight times cheaper than the cost of treatment in countries like the US, the UK or Canada.

Earlier, mostly, NRIs used to visit the city for treatment in the winter season; but, now they are visiting in good numbers these days also, says doctors.

Full report here Hindustan Times 


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