Long wait for wheelchair at Chennai airport

Disabled persons face hardships especially in getting wheelchairs at short notice and going through security screenings

Wheelchair users at Chennai airport face several hardships — from delays in getting them organised to, at times, elaborate security screenings.

The experience is vastly different from those at other international airports, fliers say.

Smitha Sadasivan (33) who suffers from multiple sclerosis said, “Getting a wheelchair on time at Chennai airport is not easy at all. I have seen passengers wait for at least 20 minutes if they don’t inform officials in advance.”

Disabled persons who bring their customised wheelchairs find the security clearance a problem, she added. During the process, while shifting from their wheelchair to the one provided by the airline, they are invariably assisted by staff. “When members of the airline staff shift me, my spine goes for a toss. In international airports, including Frankfurt, Bangkok, Seoul and Hongkong, they scan me along with my wheelchair. I don’t know why we don’t have such facilities here,” Ms. Sadasivan added.

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