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Life is nothing but a beach

They’re the guys who take you on breath-stopping powerboat rides, help you touch the skies on paragliding missions, steady you when your water scooter’s about to turn turtle after getting a tight slap from a precocious little wave in the sea… They are the ones working round-the-clock to ensure your holiday in Goa or any beach resort in India is entertaining and… most importantly… safe.

The National Institute of Watersports (NIWS), under the aegis of the Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Ministry of Tourism, is the only training centre in the country mandated for carrying out training and certification in the domain of leisure watersporting. “We bench-mark the safety standards for the sector and in our training and advisory/research pursuits,” says Sutheeshna Babu S, nodal officer.

Full report here Hindustan Times


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