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Liberalisation of public transport positive: Sharat Dhall, Yatra


Sharat Dhall, President, Yatra.com

Sharat Dhall, President, Yatra
Sharat Dhall, President, Yatra

The much awaited Budget has turned out to be very friendly for the Aam-Aadmi, but there could have been a bit more in it for the corporate sector.

The proposal to increase the tax on ATF will result in increase in airfares and dampen air passenger growth which could have been a catalyst for economic growth. However, the focus on revamping roads and airports across the country is a positive move that should provide a fillip to infrastructure and the tourism sector as it will enhance connectivity to the smaller cities and encourage people to travel to unexplored destinations.

Liberalisation in public transport and the government’s plea for private investors to contribute in refurbishing highways is also expected to create a positive ripple in the travel industry.



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