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Lakshadweep cruise cancelled for second time


Lakshadweep Tourism has for the second time cancelled a cruise on board the MV Kavaratti, leaving 65 tourists in the lurch. They had booked the trip from March 5, through Spenta Tour but Lakshadweep Tourism, which carries out bookings on behalf of the tour operator, cancelled it on February 28.

A Spenta employee said, “This is the second time LT cancelled the tour. We had booked the cruise through Lakshadweep Travelinks in August 2014 with 50% booking amount, reports Times of India. The sailing dates were February 14 and 20. But on September 23, 2014, we were told the tour would be cancelled.”

Spenta cancelled air tickets, hotel bookings and other services. “Earlier, we bore the financial loss to the tune of Rs 1 lakh as we did not want to inconvenience guests who have had faith in us,” she said.

LT gave the operator the option of sailing on March 5. “We booked 33 cabins, air tickets, the hotel and transport. Five days prior to departure, we were told the trip was cancelled. They will refund the full ship amount but refused to bear losses for air ticket cancellation, hotel and transportation costs.”


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