Kolkata Metro carries record passengers during Pujo

KOLKATA: Metro Railway carried 43.83 lakh passengers, 6 per cent more than last year, during a week-long Durga Puja celebrations as pandal hoppers preferred the underground network to reach their destinations from south to north of the metropolis.

As this year’s Durga Pujas got extended to a week-long celebration from a four-day affair, Metro Railway carried a record 8.02 lakh passengers on October 5 (Chaturthi), its spokesperson Indrani Banerjee said here today.

“With most big-draw pandals in the city inaugurated for revellers, Metro Railway recorded an all-time high passenger count of 8.02 lakh on Chaturthi,” Banerjee told PTI.

“From Chaturthi to Dashami or Dusshera, the last day of the celebrations, we carried 43.83 lakh passengers, which is 6.16 per cent higher than the corresponding period last year,” the Metro spokesperson said.

In 2015, Metro Railway carried 41.29 lakh passengers from Chaturthi to Dashami.
The railway ran 1,624 trains this year during the week as against 1,465 trains last year, which was an increase of 11 per cent, Banerjee said.

Earnings of Metro Railway through ticket sales were also significantly higher during the week-long celebrations this year at Rs 4.28 crore as against Rs 3.77 crore during the corresponding period last year, an increase of 13.43 per cent.


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