Kites to adorn skies of Kozhikode

KOZHIKODE: With a 550-km long coastline and around a hundred beaches, Kerala should ideally be a regular kite flying destination.

However, but for a few lone attempts in Kappad, Kochi and recently in Bekal, there has never been a large-scale kite festival in the State. The best known International Kite Festival in India is the ‘Uttarayan Festival’ in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, while States like Karnataka and Telangana too have some lesser known events. Globally, International Kite Festivals in Beijing and Weifang in China, held every April, are the best known.

All that is set to change with the International Kite Festival that will be held in the second week of September, 2017 on the historic Kozhikode beach.

The Calicut International Kite Festival is being organised by Kozhikode’s very own One India Kite Team that has represented the State and the country in various International Kite Festivals across the globe and bagged many prizes.

“The Kozhikode beach is appropriate for a Kite Festival and we plan to utilise it properly for tourism,” says Abdulla Maliyekkal, captain of the One India Kite Team. The team had proposed the idea to the Department of Tourism a few years ago.

The recent visit of 30 bloggers from all over the world as part of the Kerala Blog Express Season 4 event organised by Kerala Tourism, and their participation in a kite flying event at Kozhikode beach, was a shot in the arm for the organisers, who worked hard to obtain the required approval.


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