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Kerala tourism suffers due to shutdowns

Everybody loves a good hartal — at least in Kerala. More so, if it falls just before or after a weekend. For, the entire state switches to a celebration mode on the hartal (or bandh) day. And the already laidback life of this touristy state comes to a complete standstill on such days. In the last 6-7 years there have been more than 300 hartals in the state. Hartals are observed for political, economical and social reasons.

And the call for a hartal comes from political parties, trade unions, religious and social organizations and even farmers’ organizations. Last month, a one-day hartal was observed in Kottayam district to protest against the steep fall in rubber prices. And the call for hartal came from the farmers’ organizations.

In the current year there have already been 100 hartals, including regional ones, in the state, according to unofficial estimates. If observing hartal is a matter of individual .. choice in other states, in Kerala the decision is imposed on the people. And those who call for a hartal see to it that it is strictly observed.

Full report here Economic Times


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