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Kerala hopes U-17 World Cup will boost tourism

KOCHI: The city has pinned a lot of hopes on the U-17 World Cup, with government agencies and the tourism sector lining up plans to attract even more tourists to Kerala. Hospitality sector is viewing the upcoming event as a long-term investment that will bolster the sector’s fortunes.

“Rather than the immediate flow of tourists for the World Cup, the mega event is expected to promote tourism in the coming years. Kochi will become a more familiar name among tourists coming to India. Now you know why countries compete to host international events like Olympics,” said CEO of CGH Earth group Jose Dominic, reports The Times of India.

State’s nodal officer for the event, APM Mohammed Hanish said authorities will join hands to make it a grand event.”Brazil, Spain, Italy and Germany teams are playing in Kochi and tourists from across the globe will fly down to the city. Add six teams, officials and members of international media who cover the event and the number of international citizens would come to around 500.Fans and domestic tourists flying down will add to this total. We will chart out proposals to make the event a tourism fest,” he said.

Tourism department said that the machinery would work in full swing once the order is given. “We foresee a huge tourist flow, both domestic and international. We will rollout tourist information centres and help desks at major destinations. We have prototype of the action plan we used during National Games,” said an official.


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