Indigo, DGCA spar over pilot de-rostering

DELHI: IndiGo is likely to contest a Directorate General of Civil Aviation order after two of the airline’s pilots were taken off duty along with four others from SpiceJet and Air India for allegedly hovering over Kolkata with low fuel last week.

The DGCA probe came after Trinamool Congress alleged that an IndiGo flight carrying West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee was not accorded priority in landing despite “fuel shortage”, reports The Economic Times.

Two pilots of the IndiGo flight, two from Air India and two from SpiceJet, who reported low fuel while hovering over Kolkata’s skies, were subsequently taken off duty. The pilots have been de-rostered from duty for seven days and sent for corrective training. While IndiGo could contest the DGCA order, SpiceJet and Air India have contended that all procedures were followed and their flights were never low on fuel.

The airline regulator had ordered an inquiry to find out how three flights could fly low on fuel into Kolkata at the same time when the norms mandate them to carry enough fuel to enable hovering for 30-40 minutes as well as to carry the plane to the nearest diversion airport.


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