India’s spate of sexual violence driving away tourists


“More stability means better access to more treasures,” the New York Times claimed, when it featured Sri Lanka as a holiday destination in its recently released list of 52 Places To Go To in 2015. India, once a must-visit-at-least-once-in-a-lifetime country, does not feature on that list at all.

One reason why India’s attractions are fading is the recent spate of rapes of women tourists in the country, of which the alleged kidnap and gang rape of a Japanese tourist is just the latest example. India is no longer the safe option, reports City Metric.

Stories on sexual violence in India have been flowing in almost constantly since December 2012, when a young student was brutally gang raped in New Delhi. The case sparked mass protests all over the country and received unprecedented coverage in world media, making sexual violence in India a global issue.

It was only a few months later that an American student’s account of experiencing sexual violence in India went viral. Entitled “India: the story you never wanted to hear”, RoseChasm’s account recollects “men filming our every move”, “clawing at our breasts and groin”. Several other cases – Involving a Danish woman, a British woman and a Swiss couple – have made headlines too.


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