India’s first LNG fuelled bus launched in Kerala

DELHI: India launched its first LNG fuelled bus in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala on November 8. The bus was a collaboration between Petronet LNG, Indian Oil Corporation and Tata Motors to introduce LNG as a fuel in commercial vehicles in the state capital.

LNG has less number of Nox, Sox and particulate matters as compared to any other automotive fuel. Co2 emission is also lesser than Diesel. The introduction of LNG in transport segment will also help India to meet its COP21 commitment.

The LNG fueled bus is also being launched as part of a plan of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas plan to use LNG for mass transportation and reduce carbon emissions in the country. Using LNG is also expected to be cheaper. 

first-lng-bus-indiaThe LNG fueled Bus’s fuel tank was provided by Chart Industries, USA. As it is a pilot project, the LNG-driven bus will run on trial basis before it can be certified for commercial application.

The Government of India has earlier announced that it plans to replace diesel with LNG for fuel for Railways and long-haul transportation. The KSRTC, which has a fleet of 6,000 buses, has already announced plans to use natural gas. The reasoning is simple. LNG is greener as well as more economical as compared to diesel.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) has released draft notifcation for use of LNG as an automotive fuel. The final notification for the same is expected to be released soon. Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) too has formed an expert committee to form regulations for installation of LNG Fuel tank and dispensing stations, which is also expected to be released at an early date.

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