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Indians spend 86% more on vacations with children

Travel website ‘HolidayIQ.com recently surveyed how Indians plan holidays with children’ and came up with interesting insights. The survey analysed submissions by a 50 lakh plus online Indian traveller community between November 2013 – January 2014. This report also attempts to identify trends in destinations, budgets & preferences in family holidays by Indians.

Some key trends

• Budgets allocated for holidays planned with children are 86% higher than those planned without them. The average trip budget for a family travelling without children is Rs. 21,256, whereas for a family travelling with children it is Rs. 39,514
• Among holiday themes, Jungle holidays are the most popular among families travelling with children, whereas beach holidays are the common choice for others.
• Experiential and activity-driven holidays are becoming popular – wildlife safaris, heritage walks, treks and adventure activities like jet skiing and paragliding are picking up. Travellers are looking for experiences to make holidays more memorable.
• Safety is an important consideration in deciding various aspects of travel, more so with families planning holidays with children. Average planning period for family holidays is 49 days in advance, whereas other holidays are planned 40 days in advance.

Read the full report here, Yahoo


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