Indians get the best hotel bargains

It’s official. Indians are the best bargain-hunters. An international survey conducted across 29 countries shows that Indians got the best value for money paying an average room rate of Rs 4,950. The survey by found that Swiss travelers paid the most at home — with an average of Rs 11,430 for a room per night — followed by Norway (Rs 10,438) and Singapore (Rs 10,150).

The report also pointed out domestic hotel guests in India paid an extra 6% (Rs 4,950) in the first six months of 2013 as compared to last year. Travel experts pointed at that despite being a low average globally, average room rents in India had risen sharply.

The Australians were ranked fourth at Rs 9,401, and there was one more Asian nation in the Top 10 with travelers from Hong Kong (southern China) ranked seven at Rs 7,854 on an average. Of the 29 countries analyzed, 25 paid more abroad than at home with some having a significant gap between the two sums. The Argentineans spent Rs 3,627 a night more on average when travelling abroad, followed by the Japanese (Rs 3,521), the Indians (Rs 3,266) and the Chinese (Rs 3,221).

Read the full report here, Times of Indi


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