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India tourism: Still worth a visit


Since a new government in Delhi is attempting to reprioritize the agenda for India, travel and tourism should definitely be placed on the front-burner. Every proud country celebrates its history and legacy and uses the past to energize the present, keeping the repository of cultures alive for future generations. Increasingly, ‘culture’, in its broadest sense, has been used successfully as a tool for soft diplomacy. India has a profound legacy to share and influence the world with. In such a volatile age as ours, the lessons from the past can help comprehend the present as well as give society a sense of purpose and strength in identity.

Unfortunately, India has failed miserably to draw upon this layered and nuanced legacy to build a space which will allow the legatees to be creative. Wherever you turn in this modern nation state, there are symbols and motifs that define the disjointed and uncaring mindset of the men and women who govern that space. Inherited spaces and buildings are neglected. New constructions are slip-shod, lacking in the basics of quality and aesthetics. India, with much to showcase from its past, has left much to be desired in its present avatar.

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