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India likely to give e-Visa to China


One of the things on the list of expectations when Narendra Modi visits China is visa on arrival facility for Chinese tourists. China and India have been trying to increase people-to-people contact, and tourism makes an important aspect of it.

Despite the cultural links, India till now has not been the preferred choice for holidays for Chinese tourists, reports CCTV.

Chinese tourists form less than 2 per cent of the total in-bound tourism that India sees. This time round, India is trying to tap into the burgeoning market of outbound travel from China and the visit India year in China is part of the larger policy to increase people to people contact between the two neighbours.

Indian Tourism Ministry is pitching for offering the facility of electronic visas to China and 4 other countries. The e-tourist visa would mean that a visitor can apply for a visa online without visiting the Indian mission.


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