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Incredible tourism opportunities in India

In the early eighties, in the US, I recall our drive to Saratoga Springs. Looking at all the signage and hoardings, I conjured up an image of some majestic springs. After nearly an eager hour on the road, what greeted me at Saratoga was something slightly short of disappointment! To an extent that within our family, ‘Saratoga’ has become a metaphor for something that is exaggerated or drummed up while it is actually not quite that. In contrast sites steeped in historical, cultural and religious significance where nature’s bounty is on ample display – right from the rann to the lofty Himalayas — are a treat that India offers!

And yet, despite all this, even today India is believed to attract only two thirds of the number of tourists who throng the tiny island nation of Singapore, less than half of the number that visits Thailand and less than a quarter of those who visit Malaysia!

Christopher J Graves goes on to recount that in 2011, India had only as many tourist as Bulgaria – a country several times smaller. Where could we be possibly going wrong?

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