Hudhud effect: 24 dead, life at standstill


As per various media reports, 21 were reported dead in Andhra Pradesh and three in Odisha as of late Monday. Around 80,000 thatched huts were reported destroyed in Odisha with 6,500 homes were demolished in Andhra Pradesh. Rescuers evacuated over 10,000 people from both states.

Though the state government has not officially announced the cost of damage. The power in the state is yet to be restored as uprooted trees brought down power lines. With no communication the full extent of damage is yet to be ascertained. The Times of India though reported damages worth 100 billion rupees (around ​$1.6 billion) in Andhra Pradesh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Vizag on Tuesday to take stock of the damage.

As Odisha state largely escaped Hudhud’s grips, it will send teams to clear roads, cut trees and restore power to Andhra Pradesh immediately along with mega generator sets. The special relief commissioners of both states will be in constant touch. 2,000 workers with the Karnataka Energy Department too will work in Andhra Pradesh over the next 10 days in Visakhapatnam, reports The Hindu.

Residents in Visakhapatnam  are scrambling to find supplies to stay alive though as per media reports. With many stored damaged, the prices of everyday goods are far higher than normal. Basic necessities are being sold at twice or thrice the normal price.

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