Hotels welcome digital check-ins

MUMBAI: Imagine the exasperation of waiting at the front desk to check-in after a long-haul flight and an insane traffic jam from the airport to the hotel as the staff begin verifying your identity, selecting your room and scanning the credit card details. How about checking in through your smartphone and skipping the front desk ritual?

India’s hospitality industry is moving towards e-check-ins, offering speedy and simplified processes to guests. For instance, if you have a reservation at the Accor, Marriott or Hilton in India, you could check in via their apps en route from the airport to the hotel. You just need to pick your room keycard from the front desk.

In some Marriott and Hilton properties in select countries, guests do not even have to collect the plastic keycard. They can unlock their rooms using their smartphones either by touching the handset on the door’s pad or typing in the code received on their smartphone. Hilton and Marriott’s digital key uses a Bluetooth connection to open doors.

At Accor and Hilton, guests can also check out through their smartphones. The hotel app allows guests to view their bills on a real-time basis, and they can make the payment electronically, say, through a mobile wallet, before checking out using their smartphone.


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