Hornbill Festival: Commercially Yours!


Naga men with muskets are seen performing an
indigenous dance during the Hornbill Festival

There is no doubt that Hornbill Festival has done exceptionally well as far as its tourism aspects are concerned.  It has in its own capacity placed Nagaland on the coveted map of ‘tourist destination’ with domestic as well as international tourists pouring in from all around the globe. And while we are all thrilled with the prospect of showcasing and sharing our ethnic culture, we should also introspect and ponder on whether the festival is truly living up to its tagline, ‘culturally yours,’ meanwhile serving as an authentic reflection of the rich Naga culture. The chief objective of hornbill festival is to promote appreciation of the rich Naga culture. Has the cultural aspect being sidelined by the commercialization of the entire festival?

One of the key components of tourism is commercialization, which takes the form of entertainment (cultural shows, music festivals), services/comfort (eatery, cuisines, local beer). With so much going on simultaneously, it appears that the entire festival has been blown out of proportion in the process diminishing its true intent, the cultural aspect.

Full report here Morung Express


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