Highway liquor ban leaves a bad impression on expats in Gurgaon

DELHI: The liquor ban around highways has left foreign visitors and expats in the city perplexed about why they can’t get a drink with their Sunday brunch or at business meetings.

Who took away the beer cans from the mini bar in our hotel room? Where are the exotic wines from the 5-star hotel’s bar menu? What will we offer guests from our home country?
These are the questions that expats, foreign tourists and NRIs visiting Gurgaon are asking, reports The Times of India.

Perplexed at the being denied even a glass of wine at hotels and restaurants, foreign tourists and NRIs on business trips are still trying to wrap their heads around the Supreme Court ban on liquor sale within 500m of national and state highways.

Many expats living in the city have been hopping from one place to another after learning that they cannot have liquor with their Sunday brunches or business luncheons.

The Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism and Hospitality (FAITH) has said that the ban on sale of liquor near highways will impact foreign tourists’ arrival and lead to job losses. FAITH also said that the ban will also affect the MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and events) tourism segment.

While it is still difficult for hotels to get an estimate of the losses they will incur in the long run if the ban continues, they are already feeling the heat as some foreign tourists are cutting short their vacations and business trips after learning about the liquor ban.


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