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Have you visited these global melting pots yet?


Cosmopolitan cities are global meting pots in action. As original inhabitants meet with new ones from alien cultures, they create a new language and culture that becomes that basis of  new civilisations. In the history of human evolution and civilisation, they have served an as places for exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture. On visiting one, one can immediately sense the merging of forms of food, entertainment options, the clothes of the city dwellers, modes of worship and many other subtleties. And as always, they are a true delight visit for travellers and tourists alike.

The 2015 World Migration Report compiled by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) found Middle Eastern oil rich city Dubai to be the most cosmopolitan city in the world with 83$ of people living there being born in other countries. Take a look at these others. Perhaps, the next time you want to see history in action, you can visit one.

Infographic: The World's Most Cosmopolitan Cities | Statista

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