Video: Why Ravana burns each Dussehra

Burn evil with Ravana this time

Dussehra is the final 10th day of the 10 day Navaratri festival, one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated across India. On the day, effigies of the evil king Ravana are erected all over India and burnt with much fanfare. It is believed, that it was on this day that Lord Rama killed him on the battle field and won the war of good over evil. Ravan had ten or “dus” faces symbolising his many lives. The term ‘Dussehra’ roughly refers to taking “10 lives”.

And as it is in India, every event has a symbolic spiritual meaning too. The 10 day Navaratri festival is also for us to fight evil within us as Rama fought with Ravana in the period leading to his final victory.

Many Hindus fast during the nine day period avoiding toxic or “tamsik” food. They believe that everything one consumes, shapes ones’ thoughts. By avoiding non veg, very heavy or impure food, one battles the impurities one has collected over the year.

It is also a time to focus on “shakti” or strength or Goddess Durga that lives inside each of us. On the 10th day, we kill evil that comes in various forms. The many faced evil Ravana is a symbol of many faces of evil.

After cleansing bodies and minds so, on the 10th day, Ravana is burnt to kill the evil that may be lurking in our souls.

Whatever may be the reason, its a spectacle to behold and a whole lot of fun! Take a look for yourself and HAPPY DUSSHERA!


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