Gulmarg plans artificial snow for tourists

Next winter, Gulmarg’s ski slopes will come alive even before the snowfall. And tourists visiting the resort in November, ahead of the annual snowfall, may get to see skiing on six-inch deep, man-made snow.

Perturbed by the delay in snowfall due to climatic changes, the Jammu and Kashmir government plans to buy snow-making machines to usher in an early skiing season. In the past, long dry spells in Kashmir have threatened to play a spoilsport in the Valley’s winter tourism plans. In fact, a large number of skiers cancelled their advance booking some years ago as Gulmarg received very little snowfall during the first two months of the season. But with the idea of artificial snow, that seems a passé.

“We want to advance the skiing season by six to eight weeks,” says Talat Parvez, Director of Tourism. “This will help promote Gulmarg as a ski destination.”

Full report here Indian Express


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