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Guides spar with ASI for right to work at Sikri Fort


Guides appointed by Union ministry of tourism and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) are at loggerheads over the entry to Fatehpur Sikri Fort.

ASI recently banned these guides from entering the monument, citing a 2002 Supreme Court order, reports The Times of India.

The guides, who have raised question over the implementation of the order after 13 years, further alleged that ASI has been misleading the court by filing wrong documents. They will now approach the cultural minster for the resolution of the stalemate.

Sanjay Sharma, president, Approved Guides Association of Agra, said, “On July 28, regional level guides were stopped from entering the monument by ASI. This matter was reported to Arun Srivastava, regional director (north), India tourism office in Delhi, who immediately wrote a letter to ASI’s director general, but so far no relief has been granted to us.”

“We don’t understand why it took 13 years for ASI to implement this order and why it did not inform the ministry of tourism in this matter. During the course of this case in the apex court, ASI also failed to produce the relevant documents, misleading the court, where they have transferred their powers of appointing guides to the ministry,” he added.


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