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Govt yet to make adventure tourism safe


With a varied topography ranging from the MSL to as high as 20,000 ft altitude, India is a hot spot for the global adventure tourism lovers. Keeping pace with global scenario, adventure tourism is growing in India too. But, despite initiative taken 7 years back, India is yet to have any mandatory quality and infrastructure dependent accreditation system for the adventure tour operators (ATO).

“Mandatory accreditation system for ATOs is an important step to ensure their adequate infrastructure to strengthen safety of tourists,” said veteran tourism consultant Mr Raj Basu.

“In India, Ministry of tourism has a registration system for ATOs. But there is no law to make this registration mandatory. So, it is not illegal for anyone to run adventure tourism even without this registration. But as it is there in many countries, ideally there should be some mandatory accreditation system of Government to ensure safety as adventure tourism involves high risk,” said Mr Sanjay Basu, Sr. Vice President of Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI). ATOAI however has a guideline mandatory for its active members to follow.

Full report here Economic Times


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