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Google Flights to show when flights get cheaper

MUMBAI: Google is making it easier for users to plan trips and book flights as well as hotels this holiday season.

Google Flights will now update users when flights are likely to increase in price, and help find good hotel deals, reports The Indian Express.

“Google Flights can now help you be more confident that you’re booking your flight at the right time to get the best price,” said Nabil Naghdy, Product Manager of Google Flights, in a blogpost. Google Flights now show when specific airlines a user is interested in are expected to raise their prices on specific routes.

Users first need to select a specific flight they want to book. A notification indicating when the fare is expected to rise and how much they can save on booking might appear next.

Notification bar with tips to choose the best price for a specific route may appear if users are looking to book a certain route but haven’t selected a specific airline. “Tips can include things like recommendations for alternate airports or dates,” Naghdy said.

Google Flights may also show tips on an expected price jump for that route. Users will need to click on the card to see more details such as how much the price is likely to increase and when. Google Flights will sen notifications via e-mail to users who’ve are interested in booking a flight for a specific route but haven’t done so yet. They can enter the details like airlines, routes etc and Google Flights will send notifications related to the same. Fare expiration and expected price jump notifications feature will roll out in the coming weeks.
Google Flights will let users track and manage saved flights seamlessly on their smartphones as well. There’s an Explore option which will suggest ideas on destinations to visit based on the type of vacation a user is looking for.


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