It happens only in India

Goods worth Rs 35.36 cr left by passengers at airports


Navy commander Srisharsha forgot to pick up his mobile after going through security check at Mumbai domestic airport last month. When he was about to board his flight an hour later, still oblivious of his lapse, a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) officer ran up to him with the handset.

The commander was told that the CISF, which runs security at most Indian airports, had traced him from CCTV footage at the spot where he had left the device, reports Economic Times.

Company executive Sunil Tandon forgot his wallet on a baggage trolley after arriving at the Delhi International Airport from Kuala Lumpur in the rush of getting into a taxi. The CISF was able to track him through the boarding pass, asked Malaysia Airlines for his details, got his phone number from social media, called him up and returned his wallet.


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