GALLERY: Uttarakhand fires


It has never been as bad. The 1,600-odd forest fires that devastated Uttarakhand early this summer had to be seen to be believed. Affecting all the lower and middle Himalayas across the state, the fires destroyed many forests and forced animals to flee. Trees of course burnt. Those people who could, fled, but some were killed by the smoke. The forests were so dry, it was painful to look at them. The hills were denuded, the trees brown, the leaves on them shrivelled. For those who want to escape to the hills, it had to be, why am I here? Or what are we doing? To READ OUR EDIT, click here

Here’s some visual evidence of the forest fires that hit Uttarakhand. 

  • Fire smoke easily visible by the ranikhet hillsides
    Fire smoke easily visible by the hillsides


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