GALLERY: Srinagar – Queen of the valley

Lakes, gardens, music, Kashmiriyat, spirituality, literature, food, a shared ethos across communities – that’s what has been Srinagar‘s claim to fame for centuries. The physical splendour is still on offer – the legendary¬†gardens still a bloom in summer, the ski slopes powdery in winter.

The last two-odd decades however have not been kind on the city, and many outside have bee associating the city only with violence and strife. A lot of its residents have fled, and as even those who remained behind will tell you, the spirit of the city seems missing.

The city, and indeed the valley, are still taking tentative steps towards peace and togetherness, and it will bode well for the state, and country if the city can do so – swiftly and successfully, for like Kashmiriyat, it will restore a lot of faith in Indian-ness.



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