monsoon7It’s a green world. It is easy to forget that in India’s overcrowded, polluted megapolises. Driving around in the monsoon in Kerala can restore some of your faith in the planet though.

Bursting with greens of every tint and hue, the monsoon in Kerala renews the land’s potency annually. June and July are the primary months for extremely heavy showers, and Kerala has learnt to live with generous bounty, and indeed welcome it. Life has been structured around the monsoon for centuries – in agriculture, when new rice plantations happen, in trade cycles, and even in travel, which becomes almost iimpossible in the hinterlands. Numerous festivals, including Onam, the most important harvest festival, are held at this time.

Kerala’s hills, to the interior, stretch right along the state’s length, and are a particularly verdant at this time. Here visuals from drives in Idduki and Wayanad districts, arguably Kerala’s most scenic. Many scenic spots have designated and conducted tours will help you reach them for a small fee, but the real pleasure comes in off roading and taking it slow.

Monsoon is when Kerala is full of flowers – dahlia, marigold, Indian oleander, plantain, primrose, hydrangea, even lantana in bright hues and hyacinth choking the backwaters put in stunning lavender – flowers are everywhere. Do take the paths less traversed and you might just discover your own slice of heaven in god’s country!

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