Finding Manhattan’s Indian corner

If you happen to be in New York City and are craving for some familiar Indian sights, sounds and foods after a hard day at work or many days of travelling outside your comfort zone, Manhattan’s Lexington Avenue might just be the place you want to visit.

Lex runs down the length of the island but between the 26th and the 29th streets, it transforms into an Indian corner. There are Indian grocery stores, beauty parlours, saree shops and even tailoring outlets that can stitch you the Indian suit or blouses. 

And off course there is food. Among the offerings are numerous restaurants, many with proud Indian brand lineages – South India (and North India) favourite Saravana Bhavan, Hyderabad’s Paradise Biryani, Lucknow’s Chote Nawab  and many many more. You can find both vegetarian and non vegetarian fare and gorge on your heart’s content on dosas, kebabs, dal and naans. There are also options to eat the after dinner paan. 

Enjoy taking a look

  • Lexington [email protected] Manhatton


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