GALLERY: Everest

AT 30,000 FEET

Climbing it has been regarded as a pinnacle of human achievement. It has also been the theatre of some of the most poignant human tragedies. As more and more are climbing the highest peak in the world, often marking off a bucket list item, there are concerns over sustainability and ecological impact.

It is only of late however that Mount Everest can be seen from eye level or maybe higher. Passengers flying east from Kathmandu on a clear day can get almost up close to Mount Everest and the neighbouring peaks. Nepal’s Buddha Air has an innovative offering – a flight up close and around Mount Everest. A 50-minute flight with a guaranteed window seat, it goes up to 20 miles from Mount Everest.

I was fortunate enough to be on a flight from Kathmandu to Thimphu, and the views were spectacular.

Here are some shots of the peak, glaciers, valleys and crevasses – it’s a very bleak, blindingly white world where no living being exists. Or can. 


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