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Free incoming while roaming on Vodafone

MUMBAI: Paying high rates for calls while travelling is definitely a downer. If you are on Vodafone India, you may be in luck. The telecom operator recently announced that it will stop charging for incoming calls for all while they roam nationally.

Sandeep Kataria, Director – Commercial, Vodafone India, said, “Even though outgoing charges while roaming had become comparable to home charges, consumer research has shown that incoming charges while roaming have been a hindrance to worry free usage. As part of our ongoing 200 million customer celebration, providing free incoming on national roaming will ensure that our customers do not think twice while traveling out of town. We hope that this Diwali gift will empower our customers to stay connected with their loved ones without worrying about roaming tariffs.

Vodafone India is a 100% fully owned subsidiary of the UK based Vodafone Group. It has operations across India serving over 200 million customers (over 107 million in rural areas). Globally, Vodafone has mobile operations in 26 countries, partners with mobile networks in 56 more, and has fixed broadband operations in 17 markets. As of 30 June 2016, Vodafone had 465 million mobile customers and 13.7 million fixed broadband customers.

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