Foreigners seeking surrogate mothers to not get tourist visas

Foreigners coming to India to have babies delivered by surrogate mothers will not be able to do so on ordinary tourist visas from 1 November as per a home ministry announcement. The ministry’s directive is likely to hurt the largely unregulated commercial surrogacy practice in India, which is worth about $2 billion a year, according to an estimate by lobby group Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Foreigners will now require authorization from their foreign ministry stating that surrogacy is permitted in that country and that a child born through the process will be allowed entry into that nation. Surrogacy is a method of assisted fertility in which a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for another woman, typically for a fee. India in January barred homosexuals and foreign single individuals from having babies delivered by Indian women.

The move is likely to inconvenience people who are caught in the middle of the process. “I followed all the regulations. I tried to get a medical visa, but the Indian embassy is Brazil did not know the rules themselves and they gave me a tourist visa instead,” said Noberto, a Brazilian national from Rio De Janeiro who is having a baby delivered by an Indian surrogate mother.

“Now I will be approaching the embassy here to help us get back home. We also need a passport for the baby. I am not sure how to proceed now and will be approaching the Brazilian embassy to regularize the baby situation.”

Read the full report here, Mint


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