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It’s so near and yet so far from the madding din and chaos of urban life. Situated 8 km off Ernakulam city is Pizhala Model Pokkali Tourism Farm on an island in Kadamakudy village.

 Time looks almost still in the area, with  symbols of modernity hardly making inroads and you get to see the farming and fishing practices handed over from time immemorial.

 As you step on the island after a short ride on a junkar you reach a different world, a world cut off from pollution and suffocation that are part and parcel of urbanisation. A walk on the earthen path that has you humming ‘Country roads…’ takes you to the Pokkali paddy farm scattered in 50 acres. The paddy fields filled with crystal clear water are bordered by earthen mounds that form a lane. On some parts coconut palms sway lazily in tune with the laid-back air. Enveloped in serenity, the sounds of nature are music to your ears. The silence is tranquillising as you experience nature at its best.

Full report here New Indian Express


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