‘Food Safety Act not implementable in toto’

After the central Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a deadline of February 4, 2014, to food business operators for registration under Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSA) Act, hoteliers have expressed concern over how the law is not wholly implementable.

There are close to 7,000 small- and medium-sized restaurants in Mumbai. Most of them have registered with the state FDA under the FSSA Act regulations. However, they contend that the law is not clear on what falls under the gamut of restaurant’s responsibility and what doesn’t. “We are against specific norms of the act. It has not been taken into consideration that a farmer that grows vegetables and fruits. If a particular fruit or vegetable is pesticide-laden, we, the hotel owners, will be prosecuted under the new law for food poisoning, but the farmer won’t be held liable,” said a hotelier in Lower Parel.

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