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Flooded airport metro stn closed for hours

Those who were planning to take Metro to the IGI airport on Sunday had to arrange for a different mode of transport as the IGI airport Metro station was shut for most of the day. Waterlogging due to seasonal rains forced the authorities to shut down the station around 2pm and it was reopened late in the evening. 

DAMEPL, the concessionaire, tried to play down the gravity of the situation by claiming that services on the rest of the 22.7km Delhi Airport Metro Express line were running as usual. 

Commuters, however, had a different story to tell. “Since it was raining, I thought the easiest way to reach the airport was to take the Metro. But when I reached the station, I was told the train wouldn’t stop at IGI airport. I had to take a taxi, which was difficult as roads were also waterlogged,” said Sumit Arora, who had to take an international flight. 

Full report here Times of India


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