Festival to showcase India’s diversity

DELHI: India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions and the cultures of different regions have influenced each other.

To celebrate this diversity, an exhibition is coming up in Delhi that promises to pay an ode to the country’s rich heritage, reports Asian Age.

A confluence of artists, craftsmen, fashion designers and jewellery designers brings a unique exhibition for Delhiites. Heritage 365, as the name suggests, is a celebration of the country’s creative geniuses not for a day or two but for 365 days of the year.

It has art and craft, garments and textiles, gems and jewellery, furniture and fashion, lifestyle products and heritage travel. It focuses on the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Conceptualised and organised by Vandana Haksar and Gunjan Mubayi, Heritage 365 has been brought together by the Neemrana Music Foundation with the support of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Tourism and the Indian Heritage Hotels Association.

A two-day exhibition opening on November 25 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium lawns will witness revivalist textiles and crafts from nationally awarded craftsmen and weavers. Delhiites are in for a triple treat. There’s award-winning craftsmen and their works. Then one could find fashion, jewellery and accessories at one corner while there’s also furniture and lifestyle items. Then there’s heritage tourism where a few well-known hotel chains will be participating.

Award-winning craftsmen like Mohd. Bilal Khatri for Bagh printing, Ram Kishore Derawala for block printing, Badshah Miyan for Leheriya tie-and-dye, Ghanshyam Nimbark for miniature paintings, Rahul Salvi for Patan Patola, Abdul Jabbar Khatri and Padamshree Tayaab Khan for tie-and-dye, Leheriyan, Chandrakali Pusham for Gond tribal art, Geeta Baria for Bhil tribal art, Vankar Shamji for Bhuj embroideries, Abdul Rauf Khatri for Ajarakh printing and Abdul Majid for block printing will showcase their skills and products.

Aman Nath, the founder-trustee, of the TNM Foundation, is excited and perceives this exhibition as a step towards his commitment to the preservation and promotion of India’s cultural inheritance. He says, “It has always been my endeavour to promote Indian heritage and to showcase what India has to offer by repackaging the unrivalled crafts, culture and tradition of the chosen states, re-imagined by the country’s foremost creative minds. But this area has remained unrepresented.”


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