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Faster in-flight internet access soon

Airline passengers pining for faster in-flight internet access anywhere in the world – even over the oceans – are about to get their wish as satellite operators find success where Boeing Co failed a decade ago.

Stronger, more-focused signals from spacecraft lofted by providers such as Intelsat SA will replace cobbled-together connections meant for mobile phones and television broadcasts. Costs will fall, too, eventually making onboard broadband a free amenity to win travellers’ loyalty, industry executives say. The technology is poised to bring sweeping changes in airborne Wi-Fi, now marked by balky downloads, dead zones and scant public enthusiasm. ViaSat Inc, whose service will debut on JetBlue Airways Corp aircraft next month, promises more satellite-delivered bandwidth for each passenger than current market leader Gogo Inc can offer to an entire plane.

Full report here Business Standard


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