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Exploring the new vistas in Kashmir tourism


Kashmir is a known destination for tourists all over the globe for its rich culture & breathtaking natural beauty. Tourism has been an ever evolving field of study for the students and scholars especially because of the economic value it has for the region.

Besides being a direct employment generating industry, it creates employment in the allied sectors like handicrafts, handlooms, transportation etc. It is imperative for the tourism experts to deliberate upon the nuances of tourism, especially for us being residents of a place which has enormous potential for tourism. Come One Come All- Kashmir is a tourist destination for all, has been the ideology followed by Tourism Kashmir for years. People of Kashmir should consider themselves blessed at least in this regard, if not for the  other geopolitical issues surrounding the region.

Now the question arises, are we making the most of what the nature has bestowed upon us?.The answer to the question is well explained by the statistics and it would be surprising to know for some, that tourism contributes only 7.93% to the GDP of the state and  only 1% of total tourists visiting India visit J&K out of which 99% are domestic tourists. 

Full report here Greater Kashmir


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