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Egypt’s loss not Goa’s gain


The inflow of Russian charter tourists to Goa, which has dipped significantly this season, is unlikelyto go up with the cancellation of Russian flights to Egypt, as was expected by certain quarters of the tourism industry here.

Russia had cancelled all flights by Russian airlines to Egypt following the crash of a Russian plane carrying tourists earlier this month, reports The Times of India.

More than three million Russian tourists visit Egypt annually.

“There are chances that Goa could be an alternative to Egypt, but they are not very big,” says Ekaterina Belyakova of the Russian information centre in Goa (RIC). “Goa will have more chances to attract Russian tourists if hoteliers offer good discounts. Plus, of course, it will require additional promotion of Goa as a tourist destination in the Russian media, and this is required right now and not after Russian tourists choose other alternatives to Egypt,” she said.


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