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Dreams grounded as Jakkur flying club shuts down


The Jakkur flying club has shut shop, crashing a thousand dreams even as worries of a land grab bid for this prime property abound. The elevated expressway that came up adjacent to its premises sounded the death knell of the club as the law bars any obstruction to flyers.

Every year nearly 2,000 students frequented the Government Flying Training School, as the 64-year-old club is formally known, to get introduced to the basics of aviation or to advance and learn flying. The club has been a cradle to some of the leading lights in the aviation industry.

“Many pilots in the airline industry today got their first lessons here,” said Captain Arvind Sharma, who took his flying lessons from this school. For Capt Sharma who went on to become the first licence holder of flying micro light aircrafts and later founded Agni Aviation, this place means life.

Full report here Times of India


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