Domestic airlines refuse perks to MPs

DELHI: Indian airlines have resisted demands of handing out perks to MPs, including a quota of seats on flights, air travel facilities and assistance at airports to board and deboard a plane.

Senior executives of IndiGo, Air India, Jet Airways, SpiceJet and GoAir, who attended a meeting on Monday called by the Joint Committee on Salaries and Allowance of Members of Parliament at the behest the aviation ministry to discuss “issues” related to these perks, rejected all these demands, reports The Economic Times.

ET was the first to report on Friday that the aviation ministry has asked all Indian airlines to send a representative each to attend the meeting.

A senior executive of an airline said decisions on perks should be left to airlines. “We are private enterprises. We already pay taxes and should not be burdened with these additional costs,” he said.

The head of an Indian airline said MPs are also demanding discounted tickets, free meals, creation of special counters at airports and access to lounges. “Everyone is informally being told to agree,” he said.


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