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Dolphins may boost Sindhudurg tourism in India


Dolphin watching ferry tourism might bring annual ₹4.5 crore revenue for the coasts of Sindhudurg, in Maharashtra, India

A colony of 569 dolphins has been recently discovered by the marine biologists in Sindhudurg. Dolphin tourism is the major source of revenue for local fishermen and hoteliers, so the discovery might prove to be highly beneficial for the area, reports Travel Wires.

The latest count was conducted by a team of the United Nations Development Programme, the Government of India and Global Environment Facility: Indian Ocean Humpback dolphin (sousa plumbea), Indo-Pacific finless porpoise (neophocaena phocaenoides), blue whales and rare Bryde’s whales were discovered in these waters. The coastline is considered to be a hot spot of Humpback dolphins.


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