Delhi airport witnesses diversions and delays


The Delhi airport witnessed diversions and delays in the afternoon on Thursday after two runways out of three were not available for operations for half an hour due to a glitch in the Instrument Landing system (ILS).

Sources at the airport said two flights each from Jet Airways and IndiGo and four flights of Air India were delayed during the closure of two runways for half an hour, reports Economic Times.

“One each flight of IndiGo and Jet Airways were diverted during the half an hour closure. The closure was due to problems with the ILS, which was rectified. The problem was reported only for half an hour during which only one runway (29) was available for operations. Later, all three runways at the airport were available for landing and takeoff,” said an airport source.

RAnother airport source added that the diversion of flights took place only because these aircraft were low on fuel. “Sometimes, airlines fuel their aircraft with optimum fuel, which is enough for the flight landing and take off, but not enough in case the flight has to hover around due to some issues,” said an airport source.


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