Delhi air pollution 8 times the safe limit day after Diwali

DELHI: A day after Diwali, the national capital and its satellite town like Noida, suffered from ‘severe’ air quality, or nearly eight times the safe limit, which means even healthy people can get respiratory problems and those with existing diseases can be seriously impacted.

According to the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) of the Union ministry of earth sciences, the levels of Particulate Matter (PM) 10 and Particulate Matter 2.5 in Delhi were recorded at severe levels of 785µg/m³ and 491µg/m³ on Monday, reports Mint.

The safe limit of PM 10 is 100µg/m³ and PM 2.5 is 60µg/m³, which means Delhi on Monday witnessed nearly eight times the level of PM 10 and PM 2.5. This is a worrying trend because PM 10 and PM 2.5 are key and most deadly components of air pollution. These fine particles can settle deep in the lungs and be absorbed in the bloodstream, which can lead to respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer.

The data shows that pollution levels this Diwali were far more dangerous than last year. As per the SAFAR data, last year after Diwali, the PM 2.5 levels were 428µg/m³ which was nearly six times the safe limit.

Huge smoke from fireworks as part of Diwali celebrations meant that majority of the 18 air quality monitoring stations, spread across Delhi and Noida, recorded ‘severe’ air quality levels.

There seems to be no respite on Tuesday and over next few days with government agencies issuing forecast of “severe” and “very poor” air quality days.


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